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Amazon Certification

Exam code CLF-C01

USD 1700$ in one payment

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Exam Code: SAP-C01

USD 2000$ in one payment

Exam code CVA-C01

USD 2000$ in 2 payment

Exam code DOP-C01

USD 2500$ in one payment

Exam code ANS-C00

USD 2500$ in one payment

Exam code AX-C01

USD 2500$ in one payment

Exam code: MLS-C01

USD 2500$ in one payment

Exam code: BDS-C00

USD 2500$ in one payment

Exam code: DBS-C01

USD 2500$ in one payment

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IT professionals in the 21st century appreciate that cloud computing is revolutionizing the way online business is conducted including the speed of transaction completion, cost benefits, and convenience for both business owners and customers. This explains the ever-growing demand of professionally-skilled and certified practitioners to help businesses in migrating to or even maintain their cloud computing platforms. Whereas there are numerous certifications out there, Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) certification stands out in helping IT professionals to advance their careers by offering employers skilled cloud assistance through the AWS platform.

Why Bother Getting the AWS Certification?

Well, for starters, AWS is dominating the market space for cloud computing and this trend is likely to continue according to a 2017 market analysis. Huge corporations like Netflix, Expedia, Dow Jones and Kellogg are using AWS today and this gives AWS an edge over its major competition including IBM, Microsoft and Google. Secondly, AWS certification is still comparatively rare and this gives you the industry reputation and status that other IT professionals only dream of. This makes getting better job positions opportunities.

Finally, a higher salary! Multiple job sites including SimplyHired, Indeed, Glassdoor, and a 2017 salary report conducted by Global Knowledge show that all AWS technical certified people earn in excess of US$ 100,000. A Forbes’ 2018 review put the average salary for an AWS certified solutions Architect Associate at US$ 13,000 over the average salary of 15 other competing IT certifications. This is because AWS-certified associates and professionals are quite rare. In fact, Forbes decried the scarcity of AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associates in USA, which means that Professionals are even fewer.

Variety of Certifications for every type of Skills

• AWS Architect Certification
• AWS Associate Certification
• etc

How to Get Amazon AWS Certified?

Being the sole owners of the AWS cloud space, the AWS certification portfolio comprises up to three levels of certifications. These are referred to as foundational, associate and professional. The foundational level is about validating the general AWS cloud understanding and is recommended for the achievement of specialty certification or an elective start towards achieving associate certification. It includes one mandatory certification called the AWS certified cloud practitioner and three optional certification paths to choose from. The three options include a start to pursuing the architect, developer or operations’ path. Upon the successful completion of the foundation level, one becomes an AWS DevOps certification and for Information Security specialist AWS security certifications is a good match.

Overall the exam is complete and hands-on experience programming with AWS developer certification is a must.

Certified Cloud Practitioner

Depending on the path an individual opts for at the foundational level, one can then proceed to the associate level. Completing the associate level gives an individual the status of an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate or AWS Certified Solutions Developer Associate or AWS Certified Solutions SysOps Administrator Associate. The Associate level certification in general means that one becomes an

AWS Certified Big Data Architect, Developer or SysOps Administrator.

The highest level of the AWS Certification roadmap is called professional. For example, an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate graduates into an AWS Solutions Architect professional. However, both AWS Certified Developer Associates and AWS Certified Developer Associates become AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professionals. One can also get specialty certifications at each level. For the foundational level, the specialty certification is known as the AWS Certified Security architect, developer or operations. For the Associate level, the specialty certification is known as the AWS Certified Big Data solutions architect, developer or SysOps Administrator. At the professional level, the specialty certification makes a professional an AWS Certified Advanced Networking Solutions Architect or AWS

Certified Advanced Networking DevOps Engineer.

For each amazon aws certification level, a candidate must take an aws certification exam that includes multiple-answer and multiple-choice prompts. The exam at the foundation level takes one-and-a-half hours and costs US$ 100. Exams at associate level take 1 hour 20 minutes and will cost you US$ 150. The timing and aws certification cost of specialty and professional exams is the same at 2 hours, 50 minutes and US$ 300 respectively. Besides getting the certification AWS requires anyone with associate and professional credentials to seek recertification by sitting for a 90-minute exam that costs US$ 75 every two years from any of the hundreds of AWS testing centers around the world.

Is Passing Easy?

If you have the right people and resources to guide you, passing the AWS certification exams is easy. You can choose to go through the painful process of preparing alone and risking failure or you can simply allow us to journey with you and guarantee your entry into a better job position, a higher-than-six-figure salary, and a global reputation..

Our Service is  AWS certification pass guaranteed! and make sure your aws certification 100 pass guaranteed as you will see the result in oly 5 business days.

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