Q. What is your service? Is it an online course?

A. No, we do not offer any online training course. We are exam agent helping you to obtain IT Certification quickly and easily, as well as providing you 100% pass guarantee.

Q. Is this service illegal?

A. Sure not. No illegal test services will be provided by us. Our services do not cover any governing exams or those taken in governmental testing centers, such as IETLS. No illegal test services will be provided by us.

If the test location is not the same as my country, is there any problem caused?

A. Information of test location will not be shown on your certificate, certification wallet card, score report and the official certification site. There is no difference in the official documents for any test location.

Q. Are these exam records registered at Microsoft / Cisco? So if anyone checks the status with Microsoft /Cisco, it can be confirmed as a proper exam pass?

A. Exactly. Exams will be taken for you at the authorized testing centers with the help of the certified instructors and thus all our customers will be regarded as a regular candidate and receive the same certification documents and records.

Q. Will I receive genuine certificates, badges and certification wallet card in my name?

A. Sure. You will receive a full package of welcome kit directly mailed by Microsoft / Cisco.

Q. . Which payment methods do you accept?

A. We accept MoneybookersWestern UnionMoneygram, or bank transfer.

Q. How can I know the service progress once I make the payment?

A. You will get the test result around 5 business days (no later than 10 business days), if you do not hear from us over 10 business days, please contact us.

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How it Works
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